Introductory price of $1249.95

plus shipping and handling


The new "Presenter Wireless" lectern

has been designed to be not only the

World's most durable and light weight

Lectern but also provide the most

Versatile sound reinforcement system in a stock lectern yet.


The Presenter Wireless comes with a

Built in easy to use “Clear Sound”

sound System that includes a built in

speaker and or external speakers, and

can also be integrated into any house or portable sound system. It includes two professional frequency agile UHF

wireless microphones.


Imagine having both a hand held

wireless and wireless headset

microphone with a proprietary

Intelligibility sound system that w ill

Insure that everyone in the audience

understands every word. Roll out this

lectern and insure that your next

meeting will be a success.

The New Wireless Presenter

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