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Clear Light BNC


Direct Box

Wireless Mic / Amp / Speaker

The least expensive sound add on for groups up to 150

Just the right length and will never burn out wide even color corrected lectern light

Gooseneck is removable when you do not need it or someone want to use different mic

Connects laptop or any line level source long distances with no interference or program degradation

You can further customise your Summit Lectetrn  with electronics.  We have custom lectern lights, clocks and timers, sound systems, computers, wireless microphones, DVD players, recorders, monitors, and assisted listening systems.


Summit Lecterns has available through Clear Sound, sound systems that are specially designed for lecterns.


There are stock systems you can refer to, they are; Integrator System, Presenter System, Freedom System, Educator System.  You can refer to these from the home page.

Make your meetings more effective by adding these electronics to your summit lectern

Clock with Backlight

Date and Time. Push button for back light

It is battery powered so there is no need for an AC outlet

Self Battery Powered Speaker

Wireless Mic System

Allow public speakers to move about freely while using a microphone to amplify their voices

Designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations of lecterns


12 inch Speakers

This gives you the freedom to have a lectern with a sound system anywhere you might need